AdsGone Spyware Blocker Popup Killer 2010

AdsGone Spyware Blocker Popup Killer 2010

Finally maximize your enjoyment of the Internet without popup advertisements
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By almost every standard, AdsGone has established itself as the leading popup and banner elimination software available. With this program, you can finally maximize your enjoyment of the Internet without ever having to worry about those mindless, irritating and potentially damaging popup advertisements.

Main Features:
- Vista Compatible and Windows 7 Compatible (32 bit only) - AdsGone has been tested and works on Microsoft Vista and windows 7 32bit (not supported on 64 bit)
- Patent Pending Popup Blocking Technology: Blocks unwanted popup ads. Allows the ones you want.
- Block Banner Ads: Remove all the clutter of all the flashing banner ads.
- Kill Spyware and AdWare programs: AdsGone can detect and close trojan/virus spyware programs that serve ads.
- Blocks ads from other programs: AdsGone also blocks ads and popups when using social network sites, and chat sites.
- Block Macromedia "Flash" ads: These large animated ads take up half the screen.
- Automatic Updates: AdsGone periodically downloads new ad blocking data once in a while. This keeps AdsGone current with the latest advertiser tricks and spyware/adware detection.
- Configurable: You can customize which ads to block or allow, play sounds when popups and ads are blocked, check ad blocking logs, see ad blocking statistics and much more...

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